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Basement Waterproofing

interior basement and exterior basement door

“Water Tight doing it right”

Do you have a wet or leaky basement?
Want a dry basement?

If so, then Water Tight Basements has the solution for you.

Just like the our company name you can have a water tight basement. There are two preferred ways to waterproof a basement. The two solutions are either an exterior or interior waterproofing system.

1. Exterior waterproofing system
2. Interior waterproofing system

Interior basement waterproofing​

The waterproofing system industry term to handle water intrusion on the interior are called pressure relief systems or also known as French drain systems. These systems are designed to allow water to travel thru the basement foundation, into our systems, to a sump pump pit and pumped out of the house for good. Our basement waterproofing systems will alleviate water pressure from your foundation walls and under the basement slab as well.

With that being said the interior basement waterproofing solution is the number one requested solution on the market today. Water Tight Basements can install these systems in just a few days with little to no interruption to your household activities. Interior systems can be installed regardless of the weather and time of year. Our interior systems will be installed and connected to a new pvc sump basin with lid. Inside the sump basin with be one of the most reliable sump pumps on the markets, zoeller sump pumps. Our pumps will discharge the water from the sump basin to the exterior of your home to a designated non disruptive location.

basement with waterproofing

What if have a finished basement?

Interior waterproofing systems can be installed regardless of what type of basement you have. Our systems can be normally installed with minimal cutting of any drywall or studding.

All our our qualified installers are held to high standards and training when it comes to installing your new basement waterproofing system. To learn more about having a guaranteed dry basement please contact us.

Exterior waterproofing

This option consists of excavating around your foundation and down to the footing of your home. This method requires a lot more labor and is usually more costly. For some homeowners this would be the preferred method if they chose not wanting to do the interior system for whatever their reason.

The exterior systems require excavation around the house which will require removing anything surrounding the home such as landscaping, ac units , decks etc etc. Once excavated the foundation walls will be cleaned and washed.any cracks found will be repaired and filled in. A waterproofing liquid membrane will be applied followed by a vinyl waterproofing membrane and then finally a drainage mat lining. In some cases a perforated drainage pipe may be installed at the bottom of your foundation and be connected to a dry well or other location to move ground water away from your house.

Depending on your foundation some alterations to the waterproofing solution will be modified. These systems are designed solely to stop water intrusion thru foundation walls. Unlike interior systems the Exterior systems do not alleviate hydrostatic pressure under your basement floor.

Aside the 24 hour peace of mind, the list of benefits from waterproofing your basement are endless.

Set up an inspection with one of our qualified inspectors for more details on our basement waterproofing systems.

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